Saturday, November 22, 2008

Are you tough enough?

NKOTB in Vancouver!

Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Danny and Jonathan!

We took a step back in time and acted like we were pre-teens again. (Steph was 8.) It was us and the New Kids singing all their old hits and some of their new ones at GM Place.

Random things I heard throughout the evening:

"I still have my New Kids bed sheets."
"My New Kids T-shirt still fits."
“Jordan has the Right Stuff."

I said, “I love the New Kids so much I married someone named Jonathan!” LOL. (Not true, honey!)

I think the best was when my cousin, Sonia, told me (in a slightly drunken state), "I touched Donnie Wahlberg's a**"

Fun times...but I don't think I want to be 12 again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year! We made it, baby.

It's been an unbelievably crazy first-year of marriage. Let's do I sum it up?

Well, four months and two days into our marriage, Jonathan was in a very serious accident. See post
here. He is doing well now, but not 100% and certainly not in the same place he was before the accident.

I started a new job and decided to fast track my learning by taking two courses per term. I think I'm crazy...or darn near close.

Happy Anniversary! Here's a
link to our photo gallery. Relive those wedding memories.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Claudia!

Happy Birthday! Whoo hoo!

My dear niece, Claudia, turned 7 this past weekend. Lots of food, lots of noise. Good times.

Seven is a big deal in my family. To think of it, any reason to have a party is a big deal in my family.

Enjoy being 7, Princess Claudia!

Love, Tita Sheila

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Whose side are you on?

The US election has dominated the news for most of this year. Democrat or Republican? Obama or McCain? Sarah Palin spends how much on clothes??!?! Since I'm Canadian, I can't vote, but the debates, rhetoric and media have been quite interesting.

My dear friend, Rebecca, directed and stars in the movie Swing Vote, a comedic take on American politics.

"Disillusioned and desperate following the results of the 2004 presidential election, best friends Casey and Billie stumble upon a plan to swing the 2008 election. Through seduction and sexual manipulation, the underground organization that these women create sets out to not only sway the male Republican vote, but to create lifetime Democratic converts. Casey and Billie's experiment soon takes on a life of its own as their army of women are thrown into a whirlwind of encounters with the "other side."
What happens when pillow talk turns to politics? What would happen if we reached across the aisle? A timely, innovative, daring and thought-provoking comedy, Swing Vote challenges the American political system, exposes moral hypocrisy and questions our sense of American values. Swing Vote is a modern twist on Lysistrata meets The Wedding Crashers: sexy, relevant, intelligent and down right hilarious."

The film will be screening at several theatres. Check out the site for a theatre near you.


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