Friday, December 26, 2008

The celebration

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a white Christmas in Vancouver. There was so much snow that cars got stuck and were abandoned in the middle of the street.

Here is a photo of a quiet street in our neighbourhood. Not a single person in sight.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parents’ place. My sister, uncle and I sang Christmas carols. Jon prepared dinner and my mom was his sous chef.

Before dinner, we goofed around. This could be my brother, but he is not. This poser is my brother’s best friend, Eugene. I said if he posed for me I would blog it. So here it is.

Jon made a wonderful turkey. Moist and juicy with an herbal rub. Look at how golden it was! Mmmmm... I love turkey.

Our version of the “blast chiller”.

After midnight mass, we decided to pose for a quick family photo. Not all that quick as I was trying to figure out the features of this camera. It took a few tries, but the photo turned out well. There were a few photos of my sister and dad doing a weird dance, but I deleted those.

Christmas Day.

Jon and I took a walk to Kensington Park and watched the big and little kids hurtle down the hill with their toboggans, magic carpets and plastic bags. Jon, unfortunately, still cannot participate in those activities, so he was restricted to watching.

We did find this snowman and decided to take a picture with it. We cannot take credit for this snowman. It was already there when we arrived. It was a great snowman. It even had a carrot nose. Thanks to the person who took the time to roll up this dear Frosty.

Apparently, there are some great Boxing Day sales today. Electronics, TVs, clothes… Don’t think so. I’ll just drive on over to my LSS and see what papery goodness they have on sale. ;)


Anonymous said...

Cool picture with the family!


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