Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow daze

Saturday night.

J and I went to the Sutton Place Hotel with friends to enjoy the delightful Chocolate Buffet. It was the same yummy buffet I remember back in July.

When we left, it was snowing! Lots of snow! It rarely snows in Vancouver, so what was going on here?

Ever the voyeur, I took some photographs of our snowy adventure home.

The slowing traffic along Burrard Street.

We were travelling quite slowly. I managed to take photographs of the Lights of Hope display at St. Paul's Hospital.

We also passed by the Easter Seals and Bear Vader who was bravely battling the snow.
According to Environment Canada, Vancouver is expected to get more snow. I guess we finally get the white Christmas everyone else talks about.
Have a good day!



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