Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope 2009 brings you much joy and many blessings!

This year, I wish for a quiet year. 2008 was far too dramatic, mostly notably Jon's accident. He is recovering well and we thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support.

Have you thought about your resolution? Usually, I say I will exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight. Sure, whatever. I have never been able to follow through. This year, however, I want to focus on my scrapbooking and have decided to direct my energies to a word.

Ali Edwards, a celebrity scrapbooker, has issued a "One Little Word" challenge. She uses her word - nurture - to focus on want she wants to achieve this year.

I've decided on the word "Simplify". That also includes minimize, re-purpose, reuse. Jon and I have cleaned out and purged so much this year that I would like to continue that in 2009. Like most scrapbookers, I tend to accumulate so much stuff. I hope to start using my stuff and just tell the story.

Another blog that I love reading and focuses on simplifying is Zen Habits. I read this blog weekly as it has great ideas and thoughts on how to achieve simplicity in life. Leo Babauta, the author of this blog, has a new book out called Less is More. He's very inspiring.

Of course, simplifying doesn't happen all at once. Baby steps, I say. Here's to day one!



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