Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year...a new baby

We recently learned that another of our friends are expecting -- again. Then, just as soon as we'd heard that news, we found out that another of our friends just had a brand new baby girl. Congrats to all!

It seems that all of our friends are expecting or have just had a new baby. (In some cases, their second or third). I made a set of cards to welcome baby girl or boy.

I was intrigued by the design of this card when I went to Colleen's Stampin' Up! event. This card was in her portfolio and it's very cool. The card is a gatefold card that opens on the diagonal. It's held closed by a ribbon...

and when opened, reveals the message inside.

The tutorial for this card can be found on, a site dedicated to cardmaking and stamping.


Anonymous said...

Great Card!!!!! It's too cute! I would use that in a flash! 8)

I am super pumped about getting together to do some serious crafting this year!!


Anonymous said...

I looked at it again and I felt compelled to say..nice shots too! It showcases the cards so nicely..I think I am now hooked on your blog...Duh dun...*insert eerie music here*



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