Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scrapbooking trends

The Saturday edition of the New York Times had a technology article which focused on the growing trend of digital scrapbooking.

The article, Goodbye, Glue. Hello, Digital., described how scrapbookers are becoming digitally savvy, acquiring high-end equipment and forcing change in the photo-printing industry.

I love digital scrapbooking; however, I find that I love the feel and look of traditional scrapbooking just as much. The benefit of digital scrapbooking, I find, is that it's quick. I don't have to pull out supplies for that perfect ribbon or button. I can stop in the middle of a project, save my work and not worry about cleanup. However, you lose the "touchy-feely" quality of a fully embellished scrapbook and the joy of shopping at scrapbook store!

That's why there is the middle ground called hybrid scrapbooking which combines the best of traditional and digital scrapbooking. Many retailers and direct-sales companies like Creative Memories and Stampin' Up! are now including digital products in addition to their traditional offerings.

I love how this craft has evolved and I love seeing all the creativity using digital techniques.



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