Friday, April 24, 2009

Choosing colors...

Whoa! What's this photo you ask? Last week, I bought a few bottles of acrylic paint to cover a canvas that I bought a few months ago. I tend to hoard scrapbooking supplies - sound familiar to anyone? :)

choosing a canvas color

I painted some paper with the lovely paint colors I purchased and taped them to the wall to see which colors would work for me. The wall is a beautiful "Sprout" according to General Paints.
The brown smudge in the middle of the paper is where the photo/sentiment will be. And, yes, it’s brown.

I’m trying to evoke serenity, relaxation and creativity. Orange probably won’t do it, but I love orange so I had to try. The other three colors are, from left to right, celery, chartreuse and Caribbean blue. No joke. That’s what the bottles said.

Decisions, decisions. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment.

Stay tuned to see what happens…


Anonymous said...

I like the third one in...I think its pretty and bright, but green is def a calming colour!!


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