Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A simple card.

I had this vellum quotation sitting in my drawer of forgotten scrapbooking supplies. Actually, I have several of them. As the Christmas season is approaching, I finally felt now was the time to use this quotation. Don't know why. I could have let this piece of vellum sit there for another five years.

But I sure like how it turned out.


As an aside, today is my two-year wedding anniversary. Yay! It promises to be an exciting day! 

Why I love my honey:
  • He takes care of me all the time
  • He makes my meal decisions (because meal preparation is not my forte)
  • He folds my clothes like one would see on display at Holt Renfrew
  • He makes silly jokes that make me laugh
  • He loves all my crafts, even the not-so-good ones
  • He leaves notes around the house reminding me to do things
  • He lets me be me
Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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