Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drowsy But Awake = HA! Whatever, Mom!

So, I've been trying to help Baby Z sleep on his own by laying him in the crib "drowsy, but awake" as all those sleep training books say. Well, it doesn't work for my son. He just pops those eyes open and decides it's play time.

Ideally, Baby Z would close his eyes and drift to La-La Land like he does when held as demonstrated by Aunt Stephy.

7 weeks

But he tends to flail those arms around...

8 weeks

or give me a dirty look...

8 weeks

or smile.

8 weeks

Most of the time, it's lots of screaming and tears.

What's a tired mommy to do? Rock, cuddle, soothe...repeat...all night long.

If he wasn't so cute, I would try to return him.



Rebecca Pelletier said...

too too too cute! Wow! I can totally relate... just enjoy the cuddling for now. It won't be long until they are squirming to get away from you.


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