Monday, January 10, 2011

Pebble Magnets

I've always wanted to make magnets, especially those pebble magnets that are everywhere. But it seemed too hard and I didn't have the right type of magnet and on and on. This past weekend, I just went ahead and made them.

Pebble Magnets

The pebbles were from a centerpiece that was given to us years ago. They had been sitting in the vase and I decided to go for it and just grab a few and play. The magnets I used were far too large, but they were strong. I dislike wimpy magnets.

What I did: First, I stamped some images and punched them out using the 3/4" punch. My magnets were that size in diametre. I adhered the image to the flat side of the pebble using Crystal Effects. (Some use modge podge, but I didn't have that on hand.) I waited (and waited) for the glue to dry. Next, I glued the pebble + image to the magnet with Crystal Effects and waited (again) for it to dry. That's it.

I think I will play around with this and try different things with the pebbles - like pressed flowers. For the first go around, I think not bad. Tell me what you think.

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