Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365: Week 4 & 5

Catching up on the last two weeks. Join in at The Mom Creative.

Week 4:

365: Week 4

A fairly eventful week. Baby Z learned that if he angled himself the right way, he could see the TV a little better. He has discovered "Thomas and Friends". Although he doesn't understand the program, he likes dancing to the song at the end of the show. He's also learned to wave goodbye and waves to everybody.

We celebrated my little bro's birthday a couple of days early because we were leaving for vacation. You can see someone in the suitcase trying to help with the packing.

Week 5:

365: Week 5

We are in Honolulu, HI!!! I was looking forward to this trip for a long time. We booked it shortly after Baby Z was born. The weather was fantastic. We did so much and had a blast.

Sunday: Pro Bowl. Enough said.
Monday: USS Arizona Memorial and the North Shore
Tuesday: Honolulu Zoo
Wednesday: Shopping (Yay!!)
Thursday: Snorkeling
Friday: Swimming
Saturday: The flight home

Right now, my album looks like this:

365: Week 5 inserts

365: Week 5 inserts

For the all the memorabilia I collected during the trip, I inserted a 6-up page protector. It's hard to see from the pictures, but the page protector holds six 6x4 photographs.

365: Week 5 inserts

Once I have some photos in there, you'll get a better idea of what I mean. I hope.

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!



JulesHollis said...

Beautiful layouts!! Looks like a wonderful trip to HI. Have another fabulous week!


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