Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bottle Cap Magnets

My new obsession...because it's so easy.

I have quite a few bottle cap magnets stuck to metal surfaces around my house. I found that this was a great craft to use up scraps of patterned paper, buttons and ribbons.

Here's what you do:

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

1. Get some bottle caps. I got my bottle caps from drinking "soda pop". :)

Be sure to clean them and remove the liner. Linerless bottle caps are available online from various retailers.

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

2. Grab your one-inch punch and punch out images from patterned paper or photographs.

If you are using photographs, I would recommend punching out the images from the index prints, if your photo developer provides one.

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

3. Arrange and adhere the patterned paper and other small objects inside the bottle cap. I used a button and punched out a heart. Decorate the outer rim of the bottle cap with ribbon or whatever your heart desires.

Allow the paper and/or objects to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

4. Squeeze a generous amount of Crystal Effects into the bottle cap. Squeeze slowly and gently to avoid any air bubbles. Ensure that the Crystal Effects liquid covers the entire surface of your paper or object.

Leave the bottle caps to dry overnight on a flat surface.

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

5.  From a magnet sheet, punch out one-inch circles. Adhere these circles to the backs of the bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Magnet tutorial pics

6. You're done! Stick these cute babies all over your refrigerator or on a magnet board.

These magnets make great crafts projects for older children or party favors. There are endless possibilties!

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