Sunday, September 18, 2011

Z & Diego

On the Labor Day long weekend, we spent an evening with our friends and their amazing dogs. 4 of them. Yes, 4 dogs!

Z fell in love with Diego, a Jack Russell terrier. They spent most of the evening playing and talking to each other. Poor Diego! His ears must have hurt after all the screaming Z made.

Z & Diego

Diego was so sweet, so cute and so calm toward Baby Z that it was hard to believe that he's a Jack Russell terrier. Most people are well-aware of this breed's temperment.

I was more worried that Z would harm the dog than the other way around. ;)

Z & Diego

What it really comes down to is the training of the dog, as I was told.

Our friend, Jeff, who is Diego's owner, is a dog trainer and operates Sit Happens, a dog training company that provides dog training throughout the Lower Mainland.

Jeff and his dogs are amazing. Never once did my husband I feel scared that the dogs would hurt Z even when Z was poking and prodding them. Our evening with our friends was fantastic. The dogs & Z kept each other entertained. A few commands from Jeff - no shouting, no harsh words, no force - seriously, amazing.

This is not a paid advertisement. We were just in awe of how well-behaved these dogs were around our baby. If you're looking to have your dog trained, I highly recommend Jeff & Sit Happens.

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