Friday, November 4, 2011

Cluck Cluck

This year, Baby Z was a baby chick for Halloween. His cousin, Holle, gave him her old costume which she outgrew a few years ago.

Halloween 2011

The little chick went door-to-door for two blocks and then we called it a night. He got right into the thick of things and picked out his own treats when he was offered a choice. His uncles Matt & Carlo did most of the carrying of him and his candy bucket, but he was quite tired at the end of the night. He was really entranced by all the decorations and the lights. I think he was most excited with seeing older kids trick-or-treating.

He dug through his stash of candy when we got home and picked out a bag of chips. I don't think he'll be eating those any time soon.

Halloween 2011

A quick shot with Daddy before he leaves for work.

Halloween 2011

Mommy and her little chick. I can't believe this is my baby's second Halloween. Time sure does fly.

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